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A printed circuit board is the basis of any electronic product and a carrier of information about the electronic and circuit diagram of the module.

The value of this product is difficult to overestimate, since any high-quality electronic product is based primarily on a high-quality printed circuit board, manufactured in full compliance with the customer’s design documentation and international quality standards.
Printed circuit boards
Among the huge variety of the printed circuit board market, there are several main areas:
The main specialization of Saifon Technologies is the production and supply of printed circuit boards for various purposes, complexity and configuration.
Single-layer and double-layer printed circuit boards on fiberglass
Printed circuit boards on a metal base
Multilayer printed circuit boards
Printed circuit boards of increased complexity, flexible and flexible-rigid printed circuit boards
Detailed observance of the technology of the production process.
The manufacturing process of the simplest double-sided printed circuit board consists of 36 technological operations, approximately 30% of all operations are intermediate quality control of the implementation of the previous production stages: optical control after etching of conductive layers, panel metallization, opening of a protective mask, physical and chemical analysis of the quality of via metallization, thermal test after pressing the inner layers, analysis of the microsection, complete electrical control and visual inspection at the end of production — the presence of all these control operations allows us to confidently declare that our product is free of not only obvious, but also hidden defects, and also give a long-term guarantee of maintaining quality characteristics in the process of operation.
Selection of high-quality base materials and reagents.
Mandatory input control of all basic and consumable materials entering the production.

A high-quality board is based on a high-quality base material, control of the production of base materials makes it possible to avoid such defects as: twisting and bending of the finished product and / or the appearance of a bend during the installation of a printed circuit board, delamination of the conductive layer from the dielectric base, violation of the thermal conductivity of the dielectric and many others.

That is why one of the main functions to ensure the high quality of the finished product is a regular audit of the quality system of material suppliers, control of the pricing of basic materials while maintaining the necessary quality characteristics.
The quality management system implemented in our company is based on the control of the key components of the production process:
Management and engineering
These components of our quality system make cooperation with our company comfortable for the customer. So, when preparing design documentation for an order, our specialists will provide you with comprehensive engineering support: they will help you develop or finalize design documentation, select the necessary material, and agree on the terms of reference for production.

Logistics specialists will help you choose the best mode of delivery, taking into account your wishes according to the schedule for receiving products. The production management will control the timely launch and shipment of the order, promptly inform about all the intricacies of the production process, speed up production if necessary, or agree on changes in the terms of reference, if necessary.

Your personal manager will coordinate the work of all departments of the company for the prompt processing and implementation of your project, as well as answer any questions that you may have in the process of cooperation.
In the current situation on the electronics market, this type of printed circuit boards is the most in demand among electronics manufacturers.
Due to the optimal combination of price and technical capabilities of mounting density, most large-scale products that are in mass demand are produced on the basis of two-layer boards.
Single and double layer printed circuit boards
Basic requirements for the quality of OPP and DPP
— Maximum flatness of the panel, absence of twists and bends of the panel the tolerance for twisting / bending is no more than 0.75% of the overall dimensions of the panel. To prevent bending, we use only high-quality base materials with a stabilized coefficient.
— Quality requirements technical regulations for compliance with quality requirements
Strict compliance of the conductive pattern and mask coating with the original drawings All technological tolerances are maintained in accordance with IPC-A-600 standards, the compliance of the conductive pattern with the design documentation is checked using automated optical control.
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