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PCBs are used for mechanical and electronic connection of various components.
Those, in turn, should lead to a certain result, which is known in advance.
In order to simplify and standardize functions, built-in integrated circuits are traditionally used. They allow both to simplify the production process and eliminate unnecessary expenses for creating a project, as well as save space by replacing an entire block of an electronic computer.
Saifon Technologies offers customers integrated circuits of all types for PCBs, guaranteeing their high reliability and quality.
A microchip (chip) is a miniature electronic device that consists of a huge number of radio-electronic elements.
What is an integrated circuit?
They are electrically and structurally interconnected. In other words, it is a certain set of active and passive components (resistors, transistors, capacitors, diodes, and so on) combined into a chip.

The chip is placed on a semiconductor substrate for subsequent signal conversion.

This approach makes it possible to abandon the outdated process, when for each task it was necessary to develop a signal conversion and processing scheme from scratch. Now you can use ready-made standardized solutions that have their undeniable advantages:
Unification and typification:
In addition to reducing the nomenclature, this makes it possible to increase the sequence of operations and the release of chips, which reduces time for preparation and implementation;
Chips, if we take all the elements of the integrated circuit, are much lower at cost than the totality of the same components. And if we include development and testing, the cost differs drastically;
The chip can have any functions, even be an entire microcomputer.
Types of integrated circuits
Types of integrated circuits
Degree of integration (number of elements):
Small-scale integrated circuit (SSI) – up to 100 total components;
Medium-scale integrated circuit (MSI) – from 101 to 999
Large-scale integrated circuit (LSI) – from 1 to 10 thousand
Very-large-scale integration circuit (VLSI) – more than 10 thousand
Ultra-large and giga-large ones can be noted separately. Today these names are rarely used, and all such chips are classified as very-large-scale. Still you can meet ultra-large and giga-large.