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A printed circuit board is one of the key components of any electronic device.

Therefore, it is very important that suppliers of printed circuit boards do not fail with deadlines and provide them on time.
If the supplier of PCBs violates the deadlines for at least a day, this may cause huge losses for the entire production of electronic devices, since all processes will stop. If there is no PCB, so there is no device.
In order not to get into such an unpleasant situation, it is important to choose experienced manufacturers of printed circuit boards, which can guarantee compliance with deadlines and warn in advance if the deadlines increase.
Compliance with deadlines
Is it possible to produce non-standard printed circuit boards on time?
Why does Saifon Technologies meet deadlines?
When manufacturing printed circuit boards, you need to take into account many subtle aspects that can affect the timing of the order. Our company manages to do it thanks to:

— Established production process: each stage of work is controlled by specialists and recorded in documents;
— Availability of modern high-precision equipment carefully monitored by specialists to avoid failures that may affect the production time;
— Availability of impressive databases, component libraries and specialized software for PCB development;
— Effective behavior strategies for employees in case of unforeseen situations, when even equipment failure, malfunctions and other cases do not affect the speed of work on your order;
— A competent approach to calculating the time to produce a series of PCBs for the customer, which allows to predict the results with high accuracy;
— Cooperation with leading suppliers of electronic components, equipment and other things, which also do not fail with deadlines. That is why our production never stops;
— Stock of running components and the ability to quickly order them in case of shortage from suppliers;

Aa affordable cost of services and delivery to the customer’s place is a bonus to the high production speed. The warranty is 12 months.
The PCB production time can vary greatly depending on the complexity, and specific characteristics of PCBs, as well as the technical specifications of the customer. If the customer provides complete documentation and the company is only required to produce a series of boards ready-to-operate, then the time will be much less than manufacturing a board from scratch with prototyping and full development of a high-speed microwave board.

The main thing is that Saifon Technologies complies with the deadlines for products of any complexity. All deadlines are discussed individually during the initial calculation of the time and cost of the order, and the company directly informs if it cannot meet the necessary deadlines so that the customer can make a decision on cooperation.
Saifon Technologies, thanks to its extensive experience in PCB manufacturing, can calculate the exact time of each stage and meet the stated deadlines, despite all the difficulties with the supply of components and materials from abroad.
Saifon Technologies manufactures PCBs of any complexity and all classes:
We offer
Multilayer HDI
Flexible, flexible-rigid
High-frequency analog and digital
Single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer
Planar transformers
You can order PCBs ready-to-operate according to the customer’s technical specifications or cooperate with the company to go through specific manufacturing stages. For example, only design, electrical testing or production of series of PCBs.
You can choose the PCB, materials, typology, etc. yourself, which creates flexible conditions for cost and production time. At the same time, if you need help with the selection of materials and design, our designers are always ready to help.
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