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In any production, one way or another, there may be problems that need to be solved and regulated.

One of the tools for solving new problems that have arisen is the 8D technique, which we use in Saifon Technologies. The effectiveness of the technique is explained by the fact that it not only solves a new problem that has arisen, but also prevents its occurrence in the future.

As the name implies, the methodology consists of eight steps. We will reveal each of them in more detail.
8D Quality Control Report
The methodology is intended to identify the root causes of the problem and to find ways to eliminate these problems in further production.
At the same time, it also includes an immediate response to the current situation, which implies a short-term solution to the problem.
General tasks of 8D report
It is important to understand that in any production, there are many problems that are known and that cannot be eradicated. Therefore, the methodology is applied only when a new non-standard situation arises.
So, imagine the situation that in PCB production a 0.02 mm soldering mask is automatically applied to flexible boards. But suddenly, the quality control reveals that this time the solder masks were applied 0.04 mm. How will the problem be solved in Saifon Technologies?
Of course, at first glance it seems that the methodology is difficult to implement and not very clear. But in fact, when all production processes are established and there is good contact between different sections, the methodology is easily applied in practice.
Saifon Technologies implemented 8D a long time ago. That is why the production is always under the supervision of specialists and the quality control is very high. Ordering printed circuit boards from us, you don't have to worry that the products will have any defects.
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