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Measuring instruments were invented many centuries ago.

At first, people measured everything in their fingers, palms, hands and so on. Then measuring systems and simple devices appeared, such as ropes with markings, an analogue of modern rulers, scales with weights and others. The further technology develops, the more complicated the measuring devices become. More complicated, but more precise.
Now, in an age when measurement precision is a very important part of both everyday life and scientific research, it is important to use only reliable and the most precise devices. Such measuring devices are manufactured using complex PCBs.
Printed circuit boards from Saifon Technologies can be used to create measuring instruments and other complex equipment. Our experts will help you figure out which PCBs will be needed exactly for your project. You can order either a small quantity, or use our services for mass production.
PCBs for measuring devices
Measuring devices, as the name implies, are any devices for measuring something.
Why do measuring devices need a printed circuit board?
It includes floor scales, table scales and any other, barometers, water and electricity meters, ammeters, thermostats and so on. Household measuring devices are very popular in the market. A huge part of the market is industrial meters for factories, large—scale production, etc.

The use of PCBs significantly reduces the assembly time of devices, simplifies installation, and also reduces dimensions of the electronic components, which makes it possible to produce complex household measuring equipment, for example, in floor scales, where another type of connection would be impossible due to the small size of scales. PCBs provide measurement accuracy that conventional wired connections cannot provide.
Which PCBs are used for measuring instruments?
Almost all types of PCBs can be used in measuring devices, except microwave PCBs and HF PCBs.
The simpler the device, the simpler the PCB.
For example, rigid single-layer and double-layer PCBs can be used for electricity meters. In Saifon Technologies you can order them in different shapes and configurations, specifically for your product.
Thermostats usually use the simplest single-layer printed circuit boards. The main thing that matters is resistance to temperature.

Devices that get very hot during operation use flexible or rigid PCBs with an aluminum base. Aluminum dissipates heat and withstands high temperatures well. That's why cards made of this material are especially relevant for devices with LEDs.
If you need a reliable supplier of printed circuit boards for measuring instruments, you can contact Saifon Technologies.
We start working on the order immediately after clarifying the technical specifications and receiving documents. You will receive a 12-month warranty on all products and will be able to control the manufacturing process at all stages.
The company has been operating for more than ten years and supplies PCBs of various configurations and types. Our staff is constantly improving their skills in order to be aware of new technologies and be able to keep up with the times. We guarantee that the quality of PCBs for meters, thermostats and other devices will fully satisfy your needs.

Saifon Technologies offers unique PCBs for electricity meters, water meters and other devices. The PCBs will meet your expectations and will be fulfilled in full according to your technical specifications and documentation. We have implemented and use the high-quality electronic testing, which ensures that all products that our customers get are of high quality and meet the high standards of the company.