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Saifon Technologies offers professional design of all types of printed circuit boards for small and large-scale production,

as well as the manufacture of prototypes of products on favorable terms.
The design according to the customer’s specifications is carried out by experienced designers with many years of experience using modern technologies and specialized software.
Customers receive a full package of project documentation in accordance with IPC standards.
The design of PCBs has its own standards and consists of several successive stages:
PCB design complex
Study of the customer's technical specification (basic wiring diagram, operating parameters required, recommendations for basic and finishing materials, a list of structural elements);
Creating a list (library) of PCB's components and seats;
Preliminary layout, placement and fixation of the board elements (creation of a 3D model of the product);
PCB routing with a set number of layers, finishing layout, routing, optimized connections and calculated resistances;
Simulation of the board with analysis of thermal load, SI, PI and EMC;
Verification with duplicate control of technical accuracy and errors of the project.
After completing the entire cycle of work, the design of the printed circuit board with a package of design documentation is delivered to the customer.
The design meets the requirements for basic materials of dielectrics and conductors, housing construction, foil thickness, vias (blind and hidden), one-sided or two-sided topology, protection of solder masks and finishing coating, wiring of high-speed, analog and microwave signals.
Design of printed circuit boards
We have modern equipment and specialized software, databases and component libraries.
We provide effective technical solutions, design accuracy and error-free configuration, reduction of production time and minimum prices for services.
As a result, the customer receives a complete set of design documentation - assembly drawings and specifications corresponding to the customer's technical specification and IPC standards.
We offer services for routing printed circuit boards of any complexity and accuracy class.
Routing of printed circuit boards is a technically important, time consuming and very complex process of determining the mounting locations of conductors and wiring their interconnections on the dielectric plate of the board.
This process should take into account the requirements of technical specifications, current standards, the best possible parameters and restrictions (on the width of conducting devices and the distance between them).

This is one of the important stages of designing PCBs for electronic devices, which follows the creation of the circuit diagram of the circuit board, the choice of structural materials and equipment. It is rather challenging to choose the best possible design and technological solution from a variety of possible options.

Routing of PCBs is performed with an analytical design (drawing) of the circuit board, an overall drawing of the board itself, specifications of electrical components and a clearly formulated technical specification of the customer.
The process of routing printed circuit boards
The routing process consists of several stages:
Five stages of tracing
1 step
Creating a library of required electrical components for installation and a list of circuits
2 step
Preliminary layout and packaging of components on a dielectric board
3 step
Circuit wiring design and connection routing
4 step
Finishing arrangement of electrical components
5 step
Creation and delivery of routing project documentation to the customer
Designers of Saifon Technologies carries out routing of PCBs of all types:
PCB routing
Analog and digital microwave PCBs
Single-layer, multi-layer flexible and flexible-rigid PCBs
Single-layer, double-layer, multi-layer and multi-layer high-density HDI PCBs
IMS metal-based PCBs with integrated heat sink
Planar transformers
The company’s specialists perform routing using special programs and three methods (manual, automatic and interactive). Each method is suitable for certain accuracy classes of printed circuit boards, has an individual level of complexity and cost when ordering.
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