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Printed circuit boards were invented a long time ago.

Remarkably, they began to be used en masse more than a century ago.
Structurally, the product is a flat base (usually rectangular in shape, but there may be variations, especially in consumer electronics, where the geometry of the device body is often essential). Trunk lines are applied to the plate in accordance with the scheme.
Printed circuit boards also have holes and areas for soldering electronic devices.
PCBs in consumer electronics
Double-sided PCBs:
More complex devices require double-sided high-quality PCBs of Saifon Technologies The conductors are located on both sides.
One-sided PCBs:
These are the simplest PCBs in which the conductors and mounting zones are located on the same side of the dielectric plate. They are usually used in the simplest devices, for example, in doorbells.
Today, high-quality printed circuit boards, including from such a reliable supplier as Saifon Technologies, can be implemented in the following formats:
Multilayer PCBs:
Such products are used in household appliances, and today, as the practice of Saifon Technologies shows, they are most in demand, especially in complex consumer electronics manufacturing, including smart home systems, computers, televisions, washing machines and so on.
PCB types
Any consumer electronic device in an exaggerated format has a PCB. Among the most significant areas, it is worth mentioning the following:
Use cases
  1. Photo and video cameras. In this case, PCBs have requirements for vibration resistance and minimization of the entire device dimensions.
  2. Audio and video players. PCBs must ensure tight installation with minimal heating. The same thing with televisions.
  3. Desktop calculators. It is important here that the device keeps functioning even after falling to the floor. With regard to PCB, this means that the connection of the conductors’ metal and the dielectric must be extremely strong. So, high adhesion rates are required.
  4. Microwave ovens. Technically, the area of high temperature and infrared rays is sealed and separated from the products in question. However, in emergency situations or with certain breakdowns, dangerous factors can affect the dielectric or the metal on it. As a result, increased requirements for heat dissipation are imposed on PCBs.
  5. Multimedia systems. The accuracy of signal transmission, minimization of noise and interference are of great importance here. These are the requirements for the products in question.
Among the undoubted advantages of using PCBs in comparison with other mounting methods, we can name the following:
Advantages of using PCBs from Saifon Technologies
— high packing density, which allows to reduce significantly the size of devices. It is fundamentally important for household purposes;
— reduced length of conductors. As a result, negative side effects such as heating and loss of signal transmission accuracy are reduced;
— blocking unwanted electromagnetic waves when working with alternating current;
— variability of installation, i.e. different electronic devices can be located on the same mounting places since several layers are used;
— resistance of the base itself and mounted elements to mechanical stress both static and dynamic, including of shock type;
— and some other advantages of using.
Where to order?
All these advantages are relevant only if PCBs are ordered from a reliable supplier that is also a proven manufacturer.
Saifon Technologies is precisely this kind of company. We offer our customers high-quality products in a wide range, favorable terms of cooperation, including delivery and payment.
At the same time, the company's marketing policy is focused on increasing the volume and number of orders with minimal trade margins. Such an approach is beneficial to all parties.

Call phone numbers that you'll find on our official website, leave a request in the feedback form and you definitely will not regret the choice you made. We are looking forward to fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.