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Now, when developing even a slightly complex electronic device, PCB are always used as the basis.

Once, their invention allowed radio electronics to take a huge step forward. And now printed circuit boards are still developing.
With the help of special tools, everyone can design a printed circuit board for a particular device.
To do this, there are computer programs and special companies that can create a complete PCB according to your drawing.
What do I need to create a printed circuit board?
To create a PCB, you will need to draw its design, i.e. design vias and gaskets, outline wires.
To do this, you should use special programs for designing printed circuit boards, for example, Altium Design, CAM or KiCad, in which you can test whether you have made any mistakes when drawing the circuit.
Then the scheme can either be etched at home, but this will require equipment, or you can have it etched by specialists in a company.
For example, Saifon Technologies will do everything for you. If necessary, we can even help with drawing, not only print a board according to the finished scheme.
Saifon Technologies manufactures PCBs of any complexity. You can not only offer the company your ready-made prototypes and drawings for PCB, but also seek advice, as well as design a prototype together with us.
The company uses high-quality materials and professional equipment at all stages of manufacturing. It is worth noting that the creation of a prototype for a printed circuit board is very costly. But since a prototype is only a working model which can help to discover all the errors and create the most functional product, further printing of PCBs according to this sample will not be so costly both in terms of finances and time.
Production of printed circuit board prototypes
It is important to understand that the more complex the device, the more complex PCB it requires. At the same time, even at the stage of drawings and development of the device, it should be clear which PCB will be needed and what characteristics it must have.
A prototype is needed before the start of mass production of the model and helps for:
Assessment of the quality of materials used and their relevance to a specific model
Assessment of the convenience of PCB in industrial production
For demonstration at an exhibition or product presentation
For conducting electrical tests and checking the compatibility of the board in devices
According to the technical specification of the customer, Saifon Technologies can produce a printed circuit board of any complexity and of all types:
A prototype of a printed circuit board is created as soon as the previous stages are completed, i.e. design, preparation of design documentation for materials, housings, software and hardware, as well as after creating a 3D model of PCB.
What kind of PCBs can Saifon Technologies create?
Multilayer, double-layer and single-layer boards
Flexible, rigid, flexible-rigid of any configuration and complexity
Digital, ultra-high frequency analog boards
High-density multilayer boards (HDI)
Planar transformers
Reinforced printed circuit boards on IMS metal, which have a built-in heat sink
PCBs with colored soldering masks
We can produce prototypes both according to the customer’s documentation and according to our own projects. The only thing that we need from the customer is the technical specification.
The production of each prototype is regulated at all stages and is under the strict control of product designers.
Only our own professional equipment and basic materials are used, as well as all the elements that are required for installation. Suppliers of additional elements that we cooperate with are always reliable and proven over the years.
Different technologies are used in production for the manufacture of housings. These are milling on CNC machines, stereolithography, laser sintering and layer-by-layer build-up.
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