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Today it is difficult to imagine any field of industry without PCBs.

They are used in almost any equipment - from household appliances and toys to equipment for critical industries.
Of course, high-precision microelectronics is also often used in the defense and space industries. This makes it possible to create an efficient conveyor, increase the accuracy during assembly and improve technical characteristics of devices and equipment for space and the military-industrial complex sector.
In addition, modern technologies used in production can significantly reduce the size and weight of products.
Defense and aerospace
Without high-quality electronic components, it is impossible to implement any projects for space and defense.
Today, not only space stations, satellites, submarines and airplanes, but even tanks and infantry fighting vehicles are literally stuffed with the most sophisticated electronics. Not to mention high-precision missile systems and other types of offensive and deterrent weapons. And each of these wonders of modern technology have PCBs as the "basis".

Saifon Technologies has been manufacturing such products for many years. By cooperating with us, our customers acquire a reliable supplier of PCBs of all types, including for space and state defense.
PCB types
Since the advent of modern technologies, the demand for these products is constantly growing.
Depending on the production methods, the substrate materials used and other features, PCBs are divided into different types. And there are several classifications of these.
If we consider the number of metal foil layers, the following types are distinguished:
  • Single-layer PCBs.
It's the simplest option. They have a simple production process. Such PCBs are used in household appliances, and toys. With this design, the foil coating with all components is located on one side of PCB.
  • Double-layer PCBs.
As the name implies, the foil with conductors is located on both sides. This type is used in household appliances, measuring equipment, etc. In addition, two–layer versions are used in a more serious industry, that is the military. But for these purposes, the following type is also often used.
  • Multilayer PCBs.
This is the most difficult type. In this type, several layers of plates are placed in PCB. A foil coating with conductors is available in each layer of insulation. The layers are glued together in a special way. Their number can reach several dozen. Multilayer PCBs are used in the space and defense industries, as they have excellent performance characteristics. At the same time, their cost can be very high.
In addition, this type has a different substrate material. For example, PCBs made of getinax or similar material are rigid. They are quite popular as they have high durability and resistance to deformation. They also have a longer service life.
Saifon Technologies produces flexible modifications using polyamide materials.
Their use has a number of advantages. They are easy to install, they have smaller dimensions and weight. Besides, the cost of this type is much lower. Flexible PCBs can be used in various climatic conditions, as they can be made waterproof and shockproof.

Flexible-rigid PCBs combine the best characteristics of the previous types. However, they are much more difficult to manufacture. In their production, Saifon Technologies reinforces flexible PCBs with a rigid plate in the right place. This gives a more reliable electrical connection. Such PCB is durable and, at the same time, has small dimensions. It is this type that is preferably used for critical industries.
PCB manufacturing for the military and space industry
PCBs used in defense, aviation and space industry are subject to much stricter requirements.
High-quality PCBs must be designed with extremely high precision. The components used in military devices and equipment are manufactured using materials of high reliability. They must withstand a colossal level of current load. Their production is not so simple.
Saifon Technologies produces high-precision and durable PCBs using modern methods. We use heat-resistant materials, so our PCBs will withstand even the harshest conditions. We carry out thorough quality control at all stages of production.
For many years, Saifon Technologies has been a reliable supplier for all areas of industry. We guarantee exceptional quality. To make and order, fill out the feedback form on our website or call the specified phone number.