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Since 2012, Saifon Technologies has been successfully engaged in professional design and a complete production cycle of printed circuit boards

In accordance with design documentation and technical specifications of customers, international technical and environmental standards.
We also carry out tracing of printed circuit boards and manufacturing prototypes according to customer requirements. Since 2020, it has been supplying electronic components and modules.
About us
We work on the wide market of consumer and industrial electronics
The head office of the company is in Shanghai. The main production facilities, experimental and testing facilities are in Guangzhou (China), where experienced specialists are engaged in the production of printed circuit boards on an industrial scale and the purchase of structural materials (laminates, polyester films).
On 2022 sales offices are presented in Germany, China, Mexico. There are plans to open representative offices in Brazil, India, and the USA by 2024.
The company has at its disposal modern high-precision equipment and specialized software, up-to-date databases, and component libraries for creating printed circuits of any purpose.
We provide effective design and technical solutions, are engaged in the creation of design, ergonomics, functional configuration, and optimal conditions for the industrial production of printed circuit boards.

Our customers can choose the type, construction materials and topology of printed circuits, which affects the cost of products and the timing of orders of any complexity.

The supply of batches of ordered chips is carried worldwide in the shortest possible time.
Integral solutions
Saifon Technologies has a wide network of business partners and customers who work with us on an ongoing basis.
For our new and regular customers we offer:
Why choose us
Minimum lead times for customer orders and adequate prices for the quality of products for the Russian market
Warranty for printed circuit boards up to 12 months
Services of a professional international team of specialists in the design and manufacture of electronic printed circuit boards
Design and engineering support, optimization, and preparation for the industrial release of new samples of microcircuits of any complexity and accuracy class
Complete turnkey production of printed circuit boards (design, prototype, production, tracing, testing)
Diversified logistics of procurement and supply of basic materials and components from direct manufacturers
Strict adherence to international standards (IPC-A-600-G, ISO 9001: 2008, 9001-2011)