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The approach to the PCB design largely depends on the market changing requirements.
Methods traditionally used, such as placing components on the upper and lower sides of PCB, cannot be adapted to modern conditions in some cases.
The need for integration, packing density, as well as improved functionality and miniaturization are the main requirements at the moment. To solve these problems, there is a method of embedding components inside the board structure.
Saifon Technologies offers a wide selection of active and passive elements for embedding. The company can fulfill any order, but the embedding decision should be made at the early stages of development. If it is impossible to change the process, we are ready to create an individual project to meet your requirements.
Embedded components make major changes to the PCB manufacturing process.
Fundamental differences of the process
There is no longer a pronounced distinction between the actual manufacture of PCB and the subsequent installation during the creation of the printing unit. Previously, these processes were of a different technical nature and required different production capacities. They were the area of highly specialized industries. Now, there is no need for this, and you can order PCBs with embedded components from one manufacturer which is Saifon Technologies.

There are two main ways of embedding components:

  1. Using an open cavity for package. The component remains visible on the finished PCB, there is physical access to it.
  2. During the manufacturing process, the component is placed on the inner layer and then closed by adding the upper layers of PCB. Therefore, they are not visible on the finished product.
Advantages of embedded components
The first, but not the main, advantage is obvious –components are enclosed inside PCB.
Consequently, the external stress affects it less since it is distributed evenly throughout the structure. Note that the position of embedded components falls to the structure center, so it is less deformed when bending the PCB cavity.
But the main feature is the compactness and location directly inside the PCB layers. This frees up additional space for the use of large and/or other components.
There are two types of components: passive and active. The first are resistors and capacitors. They are located inside the PCB layers, thereby freeing up space for active components on PCB. Active components are transistors, integrated circuits, logic gates and others.
Our products are used in many industries:
— medical devices;
— military equipment;
— gadgets such as smartphones, graphics and regular tablets;
— measuring instruments: meters and thermostats.

Contacting Saifon Technologies will be a universal solution to any queries related to PCB industry.