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Today, printed circuit boards are found in almost all devices and equipment.

PCB is a plate with conductors and connecting components mounted.
Saifon Technologies has many years of experience in production of high-quality PCBs for most industries, including such critical ones as defense, mechanical engineering, medicine, instrumentation, industry.
The industrial sector is one of the most important branches of production. It has a strong impact on the level of the country's economic development. Today, modern enterprises should create the best conditions for profit making. This is achieved through the introduction of modern technologies and the use of exceptionally high-quality equipment.
PCBs for industrial sector
Recent decades have shown a tremendous increase in the use of these components in all industries:
PCBs in industry
  1. Medical equipment. PCBs are used in the production of X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, pacemakers, etc. Even a hearing aid today will not do without a PCB.
  2. Mechanical engineering and machine tool manufacture. It is a huge area of the industrial sector, which does not do without PCBs.
  3. Computers and electronics from smartphones to supercomputers.
  4. Printing equipment;
  5. Domestic appliances from the smallest appliances to large industrial refrigerators.
  6. Electronics. Let's put it into a separate category. You will find a PCB not only in game consoles, alarm systems, but even in the smallest control panel. It is impossible to imagine photo and video equipment without this element.
  7. Space and military industry. Devices such as radars, satellite systems, etc. cannot do without PCBs.

The demand for PCBs in the industrial sector is constantly growing. The scope of their application is almost unlimited. Wherever you look, there are electronics based on PCBs. Saifon Technologies creates high-quality PCBs with special characteristics, such as impact resistance, moisture resistance, and resistance to temperature changes. Our PCBs are able to withstand high current loads. Such performance characteristics are extremely useful, for example, in mechanical engineering.
The importance of choosing a manufacturer and supplier
Saifon Technologies is a reliable supplier of PCBs.
We use only modern technologies and materials in production. We manufacture all kinds of PCBs, including complex multilayer ones. Such PCBs are often used in the industrial sector.
One of the most difficult to manufacture are flexible-rigid PCBs. Saifon Technologies uses a technology in which the PCB is reinforced with a rigid plate in the required place. Thereby a through interlayer connection is made.

By contacting us, our customers acquire a strategic partner in the field of modern technologies. We manufacture both the simplest and high-complexity PCBs:
— Multilayer PCBs. Up to several dozen layers.
— On various substrates. Including metal and ceramic.
— With a metallized end face, etc.
Each customer of Saifon Technologies can be sure that he has acquired a reliable supplier of modern electronic components for his business. Contact us right now: call or email. Our specialists will give advice on any issue.