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Manufacturers of Electronic Components


SunFounder is a Shenzhen-based company dedicated to STEAM education. Our product range includes opensource robots, Arduino & Raspberry Pi Kits, display screens, and smart devices, serving the global market. Our focus is on helping elementary and middle school students, as well as hobbyists, enhance their hands-on and problem-solving skills through STEM education.
We aim to spread knowledge and provide enjoyable skill training to foster interest in programming and making, exposing individuals to the captivating world of science and engineering. Acquiring STEM knowledge is crucial for embracing the future of artificial intelligence.
Customer experience is our priority. Tutorials are available for each product, simplifying the learning process. We offer visual/graphical programming language software for beginners to conduct experiments efficiently. At SunFounder, we believe everyone can be a scientist. Our mission is to find creative ideas that enrich lives. We are committed to providing excellent service, innovative products, and sharing the joy of knowledge impartation.