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Banana Pi

Banana Pi open source hardware community, led by Guangdong Bipai Technology and supported by Taiwan Hon Hai Technology (Foxconn), focuses on developing open source hardware. The development board, core system, and architecture design are openly accessible, encouraging global participation from developers. The community's impact is substantial, with Banana Pi products reaching over 170 countries, attracting millions of developers and accumulating nearly 60 million visits.
The Banana Pi open source hardware has evolved over 10 years, resulting in four series: Single Board Computer, Smart Router, AI Artificial Intelligence Development Board, and IoT Development Board, along with a STEAM education series. With over 400 accessories and support for nearly 200 commercial applications, Banana Pi is endorsed by mainstream open source communities.
Banana Pi holds the registered "BPI" trademark, utilizing it worldwide to promote the open source ecosystem. Nearly 10 corporate members have joined the community, offering trademark authorization to makers, teams, and companies interested in contributing. The goal is to collaboratively operate and promote the community, aiming to become a leading open source hardware community globally.