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Manufacturers of Electronic Components


Founded in 2015, Makerfabs is a leading supplier specializing in open source hardware, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more for makers and startups. We offer 400+ open source hardware products characterized by quality and competitive pricing. With over 5 years of experience, we offer turnkey solutions including PCBs, PCBAs, molding and more, allowing you to focus on design.
Makerfabs offers hardware support for startups, IoT solutions, and PCBA services. Our commitment to providing end-to-end solutions extends to PCB manufacturing with fast turnaround times (2-4 days) and worldwide DHL delivery. We also offer PCB assembly services with precise quality control, specializing in IoT, WiFi, Lora, BLE and GPRS projects.

As a renowned supplier of open source hardware and electronic components, Makerfabs offers global customers a variety of products and services. From fast PCB production to meticulous assembly and mechanical services, we bring more than 5 years of experience in collaborating with design offices and manufacturers in Shenzhen. Contact us for a list of verified suppliers.