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Tinkerforge is an affordable building block system that will greatly simplify the realization of your project. The modules are interchangeable and have an intuitive API available for many programming languages. Due to the high degree of abstraction, the real purpose of the project comes to the forefront and the technical implementation takes a back seat. Tinkerforge is open source and made in Germany.
Tinkerforge GmbH was founded by us in 2011 to simplify the work with embedded systems. Our goal is to make it so that the user of our system does not have to do unnecessary tasks. He should be able to work on his main task without being distracted by secondary tasks. To do this, we want to offer one easy-to-use module for each application. We started in 2011 with a few modules.
Through continuous development, we have been able to increase the number of available modules to over 70 and plan to add many more. Our team consists of seven employees who are dedicated to the open source philosophy. We use open source tools and open source our source code, schematics and layouts. We believe that customers should be able to understand and modify the products they buy.