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RауMing Tесhnоlоgу is a world-leading PCB Manufacturing and Assembly company offering double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. Established in 2005, we specialize in providing worldwide companies of all sizes with high-quality PCB Fabrication, PCB Assembly, and Components Sourcing services, boasting over ten years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry.
We also provide services for high-end boards such as Rogers PCB, Teflon PCB, high-frequency circuit boards, HDI boards, Aluminum boards, and Flexible-Rigid PCB. From a complex multi-layer board to a double-sided surface mount design, our goal is to provide high-quality products that meet our customers' requirements in the most cost-effective manner.
Our experience in IPC Class III standards, very stringent cleanliness requirements, heavy copper, and production tolerances allow us to provide customers exactly what they need for their end product. Our genuine commitment to outstanding customer service, combined with the unparalleled technical expertise of our team, has made RауMing Technology the PCB manufacturing and assembly service provider it is today.