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At Radxa, our foundation is rooted in open-source ideals. Founded by a team of dedicated engineers and designers, we are deeply committed to fostering collaboration and sharing within the open-source community. The name Radxa, derived from the Latin word radix, embodies our vision for the open-source ecosystem to flourish like roots in Unix-like systems, reflecting our passion for community-driven development.
Our overarching goal is to democratize computing power, extending the benefits of computer science to a broader audience and leveraging technology to shape a brighter future for humanity. As a pioneer in open-source hardware and software, Radxa is driven by a mission to deliver innovative, high-quality computer products and services.
Our commitment extends beyond products to cultivating an open, collaborative, and inclusive community, providing abundant resources and support to empower users in realizing their creative aspirations. Together, we strive to advance technology and contribute to the progress of society.