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In recent years, we have introduced a diverse range of open-source hardware products, spanning from MCUs to IoT modules and STEM education kits. Our goal is to simplify development processes, allowing individuals to transform their various creative ideas into tangible reality and share them with a global audience.
LILYGO® envisions a world where everyone can explore and connect with all things. We champion individuality, actively listen to diverse voices, and serve as a platform to gather various ideas. Our aim is to build a bridge that aids engineers and students, both domestically and internationally, in completing a myriad of creative projects.
Moreover, we offer the flexibility to produce customized products according to the specific demands of our customers. Our dedicated R&D team, passionate about their work, has successfully launched the innovative T series products. While prioritizing innovation and research, we proudly operate our own factory, ensuring timely delivery. Whether you are an engineer or a creative thinker, we eagerly welcome you to join LILYGO® in turning imaginative concepts into reality. When purchasing our products through official platforms, you receive them directly from the factory, eliminating intermediaries and embracing the concept of "factory-you."