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Since its establishment in 1974, Kingyoup Enterprises (KY) in Taipei has been acting as a distributor of precision tools, measuring equipment, optical instruments and other products imported from Europe, America, Japan and other countries. The company aims to satisfy customers' needs by offering a diverse range of products and comprehensive service.
Responding to market trends, Kingyoup invested in its subsidiary Kingyoup Optronics (KYO) in 2013. KYO, which has an optronics division, an R&D team and a factory in Tainan, opened a new clean room factory in Taoyuan. Major products include in-line continuous sputtering systems, roll-to-roll sputtering equipment, temporary wafer bonding equipment, and laser debonder equipment developed jointly with IBM.
Kingyoup has focused on industrial inspection applications, building metrology know-how and serving fields such as photovoltaic, plastics, chemical, automotive, aerospace, communications, military, education, etc. With 42 years of experience, Kingyoup has established long-term relationships with customers and has service centers in Taiwan and China. They are committed to helping customers solve problems quickly and provide the best solutions in harsh industrial environments, evolving with customers to meet future challenges together.