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Founded in 2006, JLC focuses on creating a comprehensive industrial electronic platform that streamlines digital PCBA processing. This integrated approach incorporates EDA, PCB, parts sourcing, and PCBA services. As a result of substantial investment in innovation and digital systems, JLC has rapidly evolved into a leading global PCB&PCBA manufacturer, committed to delivering high-reliability and cost-effective products with swift production.
JLC’s mission is to accelerate hardware innovation by offering a one-stop integrated electronic/mechanical service to millions of enterprises, research institutes, and engineers. This service includes EDA software, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, 3D Printing, and CNC Machining. JLC’s approach empowers flexible manufacturing through digital technology integration, a self-built order platform, automated production, and intelligent warehousing. This enables us to cater to customer demands for prototypes, small batch production, and an overall "fast delivery, high quality, customization, one-stop" experience.
Since 2006, JLCPCB has been committed to increasing efficiency and reducing costs. With the promise to provide customers with the most economical PCBs indefinitely, JLCPCB achieves this through scale effect, extremely high production efficiency, and minimized manpower costs. Our user-friendly online ordering system, coupled with professional customer service, digital manufacturing technology, full-automatic production lines, and reliable logistics partners, ensures a streamlined process to deliver PCBs to you faster.