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Since our establishment, Goldwind has seen remarkable growth in China’s renewable energy sector and successfully expanded globally with strong internationalization capabilities. Operating in 38 countries across six continents, we maintain eight R&D centers worldwide, driving our leadership in cutting-edge technology. With around 10,000 global employees, including over 3,000 in R&D, we have achieved full internationalization across capital, market, technology, talent, and management.
Having delivered over 49,000 wind turbines worldwide, Goldwind boasts a global cumulative installed capacity exceeding 111GW, with an O&M service capacity surpassing 64GW. Actively integrating renewable energy and digital technology, we focus on creating zero-carbon solutions, optimizing source-grid-storage-load structures, and developing an innovative energy asset management model for a smarter Internet of Energy, contributing significantly to achieving "carbon neutrality."
In water treatment and environmental protection, Goldwind concentrates on investing, developing, constructing, and operating water assets, covering municipal water supply, municipal/industrial sewage treatment, reclaimed water reuse, solid waste disposal, sludge treatment, and more. As of the end of 2022, our subsidiary Goldwind EP has invested in and managed a total of 65 water projects, with a water treatment capacity exceeding 2.83 million tons per day.