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EasyEDA is a user-friendly and robust online PCB design tool designed for electronics engineers, educators, students, makers, and enthusiasts. It provides a seamless platform for designing and sharing projects, integrating an extensive catalog of LCSC components and JLCPCB PCB services. This integration streamlines the design process, allowing users to transform their ideas into tangible products with greater efficiency.
As a team of makers, hackers, and engineers, we encountered challenges seven years ago when seeking suitable tools for hardware design. The existing options were either limited to Windows, expensive, or required extensive learning curves. Frustrated by these limitations, we decided to develop a new PCB design tool — EasyEDA. Our vision was to create a powerful, user-friendly, and free EDA tool that addressed the shortcomings we had experienced. EasyEDA continues to evolve and improve as we strive to provide an exceptional design experience for our users.
Join us in the journey of innovation, where EasyEDA empowers users to bring their hardware ideas to life with ease and affordability.