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Established in 2003, Shenzhen Bicheng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd is a prominent high-frequency PCB supplier based in Shenzhen, China, serving global markets for 18 years. Specializing in high-quality PCB solutions, our offerings include high-frequency PCBs for applications like cellular base station antennas, satellites, microstrip lines, millimeter-wave equipment, radar systems, and digital radio frequency antennas, utilizing materials from leading brands such as Rogers Corporation, Taconic, and Wangling.
In addition to high-frequency PCBs, we provide FR-4 circuit boards, flexible circuits, and metal core PCBs for prototypes, small runs, and mass production. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our research and development of high-value-added PCB projects, covering HDI, quick turn, impedance control, heavy copper, and backplane boards. This strategic approach has enabled us to create a comprehensive product line for both low-end and high-end applications.
Our versatile and reliable PCBs find applications across industries, including computer networking, safety and surveillance, power supply, telecommunication, automotive electronics, medical apparatus and instruments, national defense, and industrial equipment.