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Electronics news

Quilter raises $10 million to develop printed circuit boards

Los Angeles. Printed circuit board developer Quilter has announced that it will spend $10 million to design printed circuit boards through the use of AI. The Series A project was spearheaded by one of Benchmark's most prominent companies.

The Los Angeles-based company has created software that uses a combination of machine learning and high-performance computing to reduce the PCB design process from months to weeks or days. The company claims that a single project costs between $10 and $40.

Quilter says its project uses machine learning technology similar to what Google's DeepMind uses to create complex games. The company uses the technology for advanced circuit boards that power electronics in rockets, computers, smartphones and other devices.

According to Nesterenko, Quilter's CEO, the PCB design market is currently about $40-50 billion and will continue to grow substantially. Labor currently accounts for the majority of that spending.