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Electronics news

New ESP32-POE2 board from Olimex

ESP32-PoE2 is a new board developed by Bulgarian company Olimex for the Internet of Things, supporting WI-FI, Bluetooth and Ethernet.

The new board is much wider than the original ESP32-PoE and offers 3 power outputs: 12V for up to 2A current, 5V for up to 5A current and 3.3V for up to 1A current. "If your PoE router can't provide 25W," noted Olimex founder Tsvetan Usunov, "don't worry: the ESP32-POE2 has 13W backwards compatibility that is enabled with a jumper, so it can work with both 13 and 25W PoE routers/switches.

In addition to the changes in power capabilities and moving from a breadboard to a larger form factor, the ESP32-POE2 matches the original in its technical specifications - utilizing the Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32E or ESP32-WROVER-E module depending on the model selected, offering wired Fast Ethernet connectivity, built-in Li-Polymer battery charging circuitry, microSD card memory and a UEXT connector for use with Olimex's line of divider boards. The micro-USB port in the new board has been replaced by the more modern USB Type-C.

"Right now we are testing the design," Usunov says of the new board. "Production will start at the end of February. The price will be slightly higher than the ESP32-POE."