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Electronics news

PVA Global offers Spectra UV curing system

PVA, an innovator in high quality reproducible dispensing systems and conformal coatings, offers the Spectra UV curing system.

It is equipped with Fusion UV lamps from Heraeus to trigger rapid polymerization of adhesives and coatings in an efficient in-line process. The adjustable beam width allows the use of different sized substrates.

The main features of the Spectra system are:
1. Dual zone system conveyor to customize cure speed.
2. SMEMA Edge Carrying Chain Conveyor to provide seamless communication between different components and simplify the manufacturing process.
3. A 4-inch clearance between components on both the top and bottom sides, providing sufficient space to handle the various components.
4. Standard manual conveyor adjustment and optional automatic conveyor width adjustment.
5. Fully enclosed housing for clean and quiet operation.
6. Large doors for access to all important areas.
7. Inlet air filtration system.
8. Compensation for rail expansion.