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Electronics news

New automatic system for rework of SMT components from Kurtz Ersa

Kurtz Ersa, a global manufacturer of electronics manufacturing equipment, molding machines and automation products, has introduced a new automatic rework system, the Ersa HR 600/3P.

The Ersa Rework System HR 600/3P provides automatic repair of SMT components of BGA and MLF type with edge lengths up to 1 x 1 mm, with high accuracy and reliability. The system utilizes the HRSoft 2 graphical interface, allowing any user to easily select and control processes. It is used for all types of rework.

The main technical characteristics of the HR 600/3P rework system are:

1. High precision measuring system (X, Y, Z) and high resolution cameras.
2. Automated component placement as well as soldering and desoldering processes. 2.
3. Hybrid heating head with two heating zones.
4. Powerful large area IR heating in three zones.
5. Non-contact temperature measurement with digital sensor.
6. Three K-type thermocouple inputs for Accu-TC sensor.
7. Efficient compressed air cooling of the assembly.