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Electronics news

Four organizations join forces to prototype edge AI technologies

Four leading European research institutions - CEA-Leti in France, IMEC in Belgium, Fraunhofer in Germany and VTT in Finland - are working to develop prototypes of edge AI technologies at their facilities from 2022.

The project, dubbed Prevail, will create a network of several centers that will validate new low-power and high-performance edge AI components. The grant amount for the Prevail project is 156 million euros.

The consortium is currently installing cleanroom equipment and preparing to design, evaluate, test and manufacture circuits with European manufacturers. The consortium offers integrated non-volatile memory, 3D chip packaging for heterogeneous designs and photonic communication. Memory options include MRAM, OxRAM and ferroelectric RAM.

Of the €156 million budget, 86% of the budget is allocated to capital expenditure, with 6% allocated to the production of demonstration circuits. This leaves 8% for administrative and marketing needs.