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Electronics news

KYZEN wins award for Aquanox A4618 aqueous solution

KYZEN, a world leader in environmentally safe flux residue removal chemicals, has received the prestigious NPI 2024 CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY Award in the Cleaning Materials category for AQUANOX A4618 Aqueous Solution.

The versatile and highly dispersed aqueous chemical formulation was developed to clean the residue of modern lead-free fluxes and produce excellent mirror coatings. AQUANOX A4618 offers a number of advantages:
- Effective flux residue removal.
- Environmentally friendly and low VOC content.
- Low cost.
- Exceptional compatibility with various materials.
- Excellent performance at low concentrations and temperatures.

For more information on AQUANOX A4618 and the KYZEN line of cleaning products, visit kyzen.com.