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Electronics news

Wyatt's CPUVolt Voltage Monitoring Library

Developer Trent Wyatt has released a library for Arduino that gives Microchip's ATmega family of microcontrollers the ability to measure the voltage coming to the Vcc pin without additional hardware.

"Wyatt's CPUVolt library is used to measure the current voltage level in the ATmega series microcontrollers used in the Arduino without the use of any external components," Wyatt writes about the library.

This isn't Wyatt's first library to improve the lives of programmers Arduino is a brand of hardware and software tools for building and prototyping simple systems, models and experiments in electronics, automation and robotics.

The CPUVolt library is now available on GitHub under the MIT license and in the Arduino IDE library manager. More information about it can be found in Wyatt's post on the Reddit website.