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Battery PCB

Battery Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), are designed specifically for battery management systems (BMS).

They play a critical role in monitoring, protecting and controlling the performance of batteries used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems and portable electronics.

Battery boards include a variety of sensor circuitry to monitor voltage, temperature, and current. They are equipped with protection circuits that protect the batteries from overloading and overheating. These circuits can shut down the batteries or trigger protection mechanisms when needed.

PCBs that include power management circuitry regulate the charging and discharging processes to ensure efficient energy transfer and optimal battery performance. Many battery PCBs are equipped with communication interfaces such as CAN, I²C or SPI bus to enable communication between the BMS and other electronic control units or monitoring systems. They are often designed with high-temperature materials such as polyimide or ceramic substrates to ensure reliable operation and durability.