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TPCA Taipei 2024 Exhibition

Taiwan Printed Circuit Board and Assembly Materials Exhibition will be held: Wednesday, October 23, 2024 - Friday, October 25, 2024. The venue is Taipei Nangan Exhibition Center, Taipei, Taiwan.

The Taipei Printed Circuit Board Exhibition has been held in Taipei since 1984. As an event of Taiwan's electronics manufacturing industry, TPCA Show will provide a new professional trade exchange platform to help the electronics industry accelerate innovation. In addition, this year, TPCA is putting a lot of efforts to address the industry's "green" issues and will promote the wider application of materials, equipment and technologies to protect the environment in the PCB manufacturing process.

During the show, 30 forums, seminars and conferences will be held simultaneously. Promising topics include semiconductor packaging methods, printed circuit boards, Internet of Things, LEDs, etc.

More than 430 exhibitors will be present at the event. If you work in the PCB sector, you will be able to showcase your products and services to over 34,000 visitors at the show. Visit the exhibition and expand your connections with experts from leading companies and investors.