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GIGABYTE's next generation servers for high performance computing with AMD Instinct MI300 series gas pedals

GIGABYTE Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE, the leader in high-performance servers, today announced the release of the G383-R80 for AMD Instinct MI300A APU and 2 G593 series servers for AMD Instinct MI300X GPU and AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series processor.

GIGABYTE's new servers are the ideal platform to accelerate discovery at exascale.

The GIGABYTE G383-R80 server features 4 LGA6096 slots for the MI300A APU. The chip combines a CPU with 24 AMD Zen4 cores and a powerful GPU with AMD CDNA 3 GPU cores. The chipset design shares 128GB of HBM3 unified memory for the performance of large AI models. The G383 server features plenty of expansion slots for networking, storage and other gas pedals - 12 PCIe Gen5 slots in total. At the front of the chassis are 8 2.5-inch Gen5 NVMe bays to handle heavy workloads such as real-time big data analytics and latency-sensitive workloads in the financial and telecom industries.