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Electronics news

STMicroelectronics makes it easier to develop smart Bluetooth devices

STMicro has releasedSTMicroelectronics makes it easier to develop smart Bluetooth devices 2 new products with Bluetooth 5.3/5.4 support: the STM32WB09 Cortex-M0+ Bluetooth 5.3 LE wireless microcontroller and the ST32WB1MMC Cortex-M0+/M4 Bluetooth 5.4 LE module for simple designs and the B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board.

They are designed to advance the smart device industry by extending short-range wireless capabilities.

The STM32WB09 wireless microcontroller features the latest Bluetooth 5.3 software and a compact package to save space.

STM32WB1MMC: wireless module for simplified connectivity

STMicro said that for customers with limited engineering experience, the STM32WB1MMC wireless module offers a simplified path to wireless connectivity. The module leverages features of the STM32Cube ecosystem, such as power consumption testing with the STM32CubeMX calculator and RF testing with the STM32CubeMonRF software tool.

B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board

STMicro also offers the B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board equipped with various sensors including motion, temperature and barometric pressure sensors and an external antenna connector.
The STM32WB09 wireless microcontroller, STM32WB1MMC wireless module and B-WB1M-WPAN1 evaluation board are already in production, enabling the development of new products using advanced Bluetooth tools.