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Electronics news

MicroCare LLC at IPC Apex Expo 2024

MicroCare LLC, a company specializing in high-performance liquids and products for critical cleaning, coating and lubrication tasks, announced its participation in the upcoming IPC Apex Expo 2024.

The event will take place from April 9 to 11 in Anaheim, California. MicroCare will present its latest achievements at booth No. 1812.

MicroCare will showcase a wide range of products, including cleaning fluids designed to meet the changing needs of the electronics industry in cleaning printed circuit boards. The highlight of the exhibition will be a line of 3M Nove replaceable fluxes, contact cleaners and degreasers for electronics. These include the MicroCare Tergo line of steam degreasing liquids. Their high density and low surface tension make it possible to effectively clean and remove various PCB contaminants.

As the phase-out of 3M Novec liquids approaches (2025), MicroCare emphasizes the importance of switching to alternatives now. Ray Bellavance, MicroCare's vice president of sales and Marketing, stated: "Don't expect a global shortage. Start planning the transition to new technologies now, together with MicroCare." We will help customers with fluid selection, equipment upgrades and process improvements."