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MEK MARANTZ Electronics Full 3D AOI system - automated optical inspection with AI

MEK MARANTZ Electronics' Metrological Full 3D AOI detects solder defects in solder joints before and after soldering with unprecedented accuracy using measurements in all three directions (X, Y and height).

The system with its unique self-learning algorithm for solder joint inspection detects any deviation from the expected standard solder joint appearance, providing a high level of accuracy in inspection.

A distinctive feature of the MEK Full 3D AOI system is the AI that continuously and monitors production, dynamically adjusting hundreds of tolerance values to detect and minimize false positives. This system significantly reduces AOI (automatic optical detection) programming time.

MEK offers a range of full 3D solder and component measurement solutions to meet various production line requirements. The flexibility of these solutions ensures they are suitable for a variety of PCB sizes, minimum component sizes, and single or dual line configurations, providing manufacturers with a full range of options.

The Full 3D AOI with AI system from MEK MARANTZ Electronics Limited is capable of delivering unprecedented accuracy, efficiency and reliability in the automated optical inspection process.