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Electronics news

BLITZ PCB for smart devices

Conexio Technologies has developed the BLITZ board for connecting smart device (IoT) applications including smart home automation, health and wellness monitoring, retail inventory management, and more.

The BLITZ board houses the SoC, a J-Link programming connector, a power switch, and several connectors. USB-C provides data and power to the board. A LiPo battery can be connected to the two-pin connector. The QWIIC connector allows the BLITZ to be extended with a wide range of sensors and other IoT-related peripherals.

28 pins are compatible with Feather connectors. Of these, 22 are available for use. BLITZ contains Nordic's nPM1300 power management chip. The MinewSemi MS12SF1 module has a Nordic nRF53840 SoC with a dual-core Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller and a 2.4 GHz radio. The module has a PCB antenna for Bluetooth and a uFL connector for an external dual-band Wi-Fi antenna. BLITZ supports Thread, Matter, ZigBee, Bluetooth Mesh and ANT.