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Electronics news

Lem current sensor for 800 V power modules

Lem, a company specializing in electrical measurement, has developed the HAH3DR S07/SP42 sensor designed for 800V three-phase power modules.

Developers of automotive traction inverters are increasingly using three-phase power modules such as Infineon's popular and proven Hybridpack Drive. These modules now utilize more efficient SiC MOSFET technology, allowing vehicles to use 800-volt battery systems that provide faster charging and longer driving range.

The LEM HAH3DR S07/SP42 three-phase sensor has been designed for installation on 800V power modules. It offers a current measurement range from 700 A to 1200 A. Compared to the existing HAH3DR sensor family, the insulating characteristics of the housing have been improved to better meet the requirements of 800 V batteries.