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Electronics news

Stanley Electric uses Siemens platform for new MEMS design

Automotive electronics company Stanley Electric is using Siemens Digital Industries Software's Questa Advanced Verification platform as a functional verification environment for integrated circuits (ICs) to design next-generation microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Stanley is developing innovative ICs for mirrored 2D-MEMS devices that drive a wide range of automotive and industrial applications requiring high performance, optimal integration, minimal power consumption and low cost. Stanley's target application area for 2D-MEMS mirrors is the development of high-resolution laser headlight systems with scanning mode to improve nighttime visibility.

In developing the latest controller IC, the company sought to improve reliability and quality by utilizing Siemens' Questa Advanced Verification platform. The platform enables the successful execution of efficient and highly accurate functional verification cycles, which in turn can help Stanley achieve its quality goals.