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Electronics news

120 W laser diode for industrial LiDAR

ROHM launched the 25W RLD90QZW5 laser diode in 2019 and the 75W RLD90QZW3 laser diode in 2021.

In response to growing market demand for even higher power, ROHM has developed a new 120-watt laser diode, the RLD90QZZW8, which is ideal for industrial equipment requiring distance measurement and spatial recognition.

In recent years, LiDAR has been used in robotic vacuum cleaners and autonomous vehicles. Therefore, there is a need to improve the performance and output power of laser diodes when used as a light source to increase detection range and accuracy.

ROHM has received ISO IATF 16949 certification. Laser diodes for automotive applications (compliant with the AEC-Q102 standard) are under development, with commercialization scheduled for late 2024.