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COM-HPC Mini - maximum performance in a miniature form factor

COM-HPC Mini is a new computer-on-module standard being developed by PICMG to provide a compact, high-performance standardized module.

It follows the highly successful COM-HPC Client and Server standards, which were designed to provide extreme computing performance and interface bandwidth for edge computing.
Based on the COM-HPC Client specification and measuring only 95 mm x 70 mm, the COM-HPC Mini takes up half as much space as the COM-HPC Client Size A. Thus, COM-HPC Mini extends the COM-HPC Client usage model to applications that previously could not be utilized due to size limitations.

The reduced form factor required minor changes to the interfaces. The most significant change is the use of only one high-speed connector instead of two. This connector also has a different pinout to provide an optimized feature set. Thus, with 400 signal pins, the COM-HPC Mini can carry the full range of the latest high-speed interfaces - including full-featured USB 4.0, Thunderbolt, PCIe Gen4/5, 10Gbps Ethernet, etc.

Maximum power consumption of up to 76W provides ample reserve for performance-oriented processors. This allows the COM-HPC Mini to be used in SFF designs with unprecedented performance levels provided by the latest multi-core processors. As an example, Intel Core processors will be a natural choice for the new form factor.