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Advantages of multilayer PCBs

When designing a PCB, the flexible layer is first manufactured and then it is joined to the rigid layer by lamination. This combination strengthens the structure and increases reliability and stability.

Multilayer PCBs strike a balance between flexibility and rigidity, greatly expanding the electronics design space. They consist of multilayer sheets, one of whose materials is a PP (polypropylene) layer. Polypropylene is a polymer material with good physical properties and chemical corrosion resistance, widely used in the manufacture of electronic products. A layer of polypropylene is used as an insulating layer between layers to enhance the insulating properties of the board. By combining the polypropylene layer with other layers, the stability and reliability of the boards are effectively improved.

The advantages of multilayer printed circuit boards are:
1. Tensile strength.
2. Improved heat dissipation.
3. Good flame retardant properties, high insulation resistance.
4.Good electrical properties, excellent thermal conductivity and anti-interference properties.
5. Stable performance in various complex electrical environments.