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O2 Reflow Shuttle O2 measurement module

The O2 Reflow Shuttle represents a major leap forward in the quest for accurate control of reflow soldering.

Oxygen (O2) measurement is crucial because it affects the quality of the solder joint. Oxygen reacts with solder to form oxides, weakening the joint and making it more susceptible to failure. In addition, O2 causes wetting of the solder, preventing a good bond to the PCB.

Precise real-time monitoring of oxygen content eliminates any potential oxidation problems that could affect solder quality. Reflow Shuttle O2 analyzes oxygen levels throughout the soldering process and detects nitrogen leaks in all areas of the furnace. Manufacturers can use this data to optimize nitrogen consumption and prevent problems such as flux buildup.

The Reflow Shuttle's versatile design allows it to be easily integrated into fully operational reflow soldering furnaces, eliminating the need for downtime during inspection. Manufacturers can initiate data collection with the simple push of a button, obtaining a comprehensive end-to-end graph of the entire furnace. This overview of the O2 Reflow Shuttle detects any anomalies at an early stage, allowing for prompt corrections to be made where necessary.