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Electronics news

Launch of hyperspectral microsatellites with artificial intelligence

Kuva Space (Finland) plans to launch production of 100 hyperspectral microsatellites weighing 6000 mg and 12 kg by 2030.

The microsatellite is equipped with a patented hyperspectral camera that detects the differences between any materials on Earth and their condition by a distinct spectral signature. This means that parameters such as crop type, plant condition and biomass, biodiversity, soil condition, seaweed growth, algal blooms and marine chemical pollution can be monitored at scale using such a vehicle.

The AI-based analytics platform will utilize the data collected and will track, detect and predict changes and their impacts in near real time.

Already having 3 satellites in space, Kuva Space will launch 2 new satellites in the coming year. The first of them, Hyperfield-1, is scheduled for launch in June 2024. Their number should increase to 100 by 2030.

Kuva Space has raised €22.5 million in funding from Morrow Portfolio, Voima Ventures, Nordic Foodtech VC, Earth VC, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, as well as government funding from ESA Philab and Business Finland.