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Printed Circuit Board Market Growth Trends - Volume Growth

Key trends shaping the PCB market, according to experts are as follows

1. Consumer electronics is the fastest growing segment contributing to the market growth. The major driving force for this segment is the growth of smartphones, wearable devices, smart home devices, etc. The number of smartphone subscribers globally is expected to reach 7,840 million in 2027 from 5,950 million in 2020.
2. With the miniaturization of mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, there has been an increase in PCB manufacturing for consumer convenience. Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on making customized PCBs to suit the design of various electronic devices.
3- The number of TV viewers is expected to grow due to increasing adoption of smart TVs and adoption of online TV platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google Pay, and Sky Go. This will lead to an increase in the number of circuit boards used for TVs.
4. The development of torsional and bending flexible PCB technology, which are used in computing and wireless devices, will open new opportunities for suppliers, leading to an increase in PCB production.