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Electronics news

The breakthrough in RISC-V has been revealed

According to TechRadar and HPCwire, a major Chinese technology company has unveiled a revolutionary 3072-core RISC-V server.

This server means a significant leap in computing power: 3072 computing cores are designed to perform specific tasks.

An even more interesting and unprecedented event is that the server is equipped with a processor manufactured in the United States. This marks a new era of global technological partnership. This collaboration signals a shift towards a more cooperative technological landscape, where countries join forces to push the boundaries of innovation.

RISC-V, which stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computing, simplifies the language in which processors execute commands. At the summit, industry leaders advocate for RISC-V, defending its potential advantages, but the appeal and dominance of x86 (CISC, computations with a complex set of commands) and ARM (advanced RISC machines) they are saved.

As a new player declares himself, he rewrites the rules of the game. While the echoes of x86 and ARM do not subside, RISC-V is gradually paving its way, uniting countries for a common technological future.