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Electronics news

New screen printer from ITW EAE MPM

ITW EAE MPM has announced the release of the Edison II ACT screen printer. It integrates Automated Changeover Technology to increase productivity.

The MPM Edison II ACT (Automated Changeover Technology) was developed based on the proven MPM Edison platform, a precision printer with advanced technology. The printer has data transfer efficiency that exceeds the requirements for the smallest apertures. A single precision closed-loop pressure-controlled load cell and motor-driven system provides precise and stable control of the squeegee force throughout the printing stroke in both directions, increasing productivity. The machine's innovative design ensures ultra-tight adhesion of the stencil to the substrate, which increases productivity when printing ultra-thin stencils.

Production line changeover is one of the most labor-intensive, time-consuming and error-prone tasks in electronics manufacturing. MPM's innovative patented Automated Changeover Technology (ACT) is a simple, cost-effective and progressive solution to the ultimate goal of automating production.