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Electronics news

Omnetics opens up new possibilities with Kilo 360 connector series

US-based Omnetics Connector is a manufacturer of miniature connectors, interconnect systems and cable harnesses.

It has introduced the new Kilo 360 series of Mil 38999-compliant micro-miniature round connectors.

The three configurations of the Kilo 360 series are.

1. K801 - equipped with double-start threads, guarantees a safe and secure connection.
2. K804 - has a push-pull connection mechanism, effective for frequent disconnection followed by reconnection.
3. K805 - features triple-start threading, provides superior stability and strength.

Kilo 360 series performance:

1. Guaranteed adaptability - integrates into systems utilizing other suppliers' Type 38999 micro-miniature round connectors.
2. Durability - resistant to shock, vibration and other external influences.
3. Compactness - integrates into a variety of systems without compromising data transmission quality.
4. Choice for designers - availability of various configurations makes selection easy.

Omnetics has been manufacturing connectors, interconnect systems and cable harnesses, for over 30 years.