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CondensoXC - system for cost-effective vapor phase soldering

Rehm Thermal Systems will be exhibiting at AMPER the CondensoXC Vac condenser soldering system, which operates on the closed-loop principle (active Galden liquid filtration), at booth F.332.

AMPER will be held in Brno, Czech Republic from March 19-21, 2024. It is the electronics industry's most important trade event and a unique opportunity for visitors to learn about the latest developments in electronics. More than 400 exhibitors representing electrical engineering, energy, automation, communications and lighting will bring together more than 25,000 professionals.

How CondensoXC Vac works
The automated injection control system and temperature and pressure monitoring allow for precise solder profiling, which increases process stability. A vacuum option is available for all Condenso systems for optimal and void-free results. After soldering, the vacuuming and/or cooling process begins. At the same time, the process gas is vented and purged. During extraction, a vacuum is created to ensure rapid drying of the brazed parts and the process chamber.

The purified Galden liquid is stored in a container at room temperature and used for further processes. The hermetically sealed process chamber eliminates liquid evaporation during soldering. In addition to minimal maintenance costs, operating costs are reduced due to less consumption of process fluid.

The main features of the CondensoXC Vac are:
1. Injection principle for temperature profile repeatability.
2. Manual loading of printed circuit boards.
3. Minimal Galden fluid consumption.
4. Traceability and process control.